What Makes a Strong Family: The Factors Involved

What Makes a Strong Family: The Factors Involved

When we are asked about our opinions about the word family, a whole lot of us would first consider our parents, followed by our siblings, grandparents, uncles, aunts, cousins and so on, while some would say family means their close friends. That means that for every individual, the definition of family is very different and it does not mean that it is incorrect. So, what makes a strong family? Have you ever given that a thought?

No matter who belongs in your definition of a family, what we share in common is that a family means a person or a group of people who love us unconditionally and whom we love too. They may be connected to us biologically or even through just a shared experience and history. Nonetheless, there are a ton of reasons why a family bond is strong, and that is what we aim to discuss.

What Makes a Strong Family: The Five L’s

To simplify what makes a family strong, we believe that there are actually five L’s and they are:

#1 Learning

It is only in a family where we first learn about all of our skills, values, and behavior. A strong family can manage and control these learning experiences, and they are able to establish a far better pattern for life at home, by selecting the appropriate books, TV shows and so on. Also, a strong family can guide a child into the outside world and not let social forces rule their life as they can teach everything by example.

#2 Loyalty

A strong family always comes with a sense of loyalty and a strong devotion to every member of the family. Meaning, the most basic characteristic of a strong family is that they stick together no matter how troubling the times are and even when attacked by someone from the outside. Loyalty also means being together during failure, sickness, and bad fortune.

#3 Love

There will be nothing called a strong family if there is no love present. Every human wish to love and to be loved, and the very first place where you will find unconditional love is in a strong family.

Patience, understanding, honesty, and forgiveness is the atmosphere of genuine love, and these things don’t just happen overnight. It takes time, a positive attitude, and a whole lot of attention.

#4 Leadership

Leadership is a must for any strong family, and typically, the adults must take charge of leading the whole family. If there is no one in the family who would take leadership, the entire family will weaken.

So, in order to have a strong family, they should have their own set of guidelines and rules. These rules are created on the basis of understanding each member and is not something that is forced on anyone.

#5 Laughter

It is a known phrase that laughter is the best medicine, and this applies to strong families too since humor is the best escape valve for any tension in the family. Through laughter, it is possible to see everyone more honestly and objectively.

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What are the Patterns of a Strong Family: The Six Essentials

Different patterns are essential for a strong family, which creates a great environment for every member. These include:

#1 Affection and Appreciation

These two qualities are necessary for any strong family as they show that the individuals care for each other. Sharing positive feelings with one another and also being nice to everyone in the family are just a few of several ways to show affection and appreciation.

#2 Positive Communication

Communication is a key to having a strong and well-grounded family. A family must have open, straightforward, and honest conversations with each other.

When we talk about positive communication, we mean by telling exactly how you feel and not putting down anyone for their thoughts and opinions. There may be compromises made through conversations, but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

#3 Commitment

Only family members who are truly committed to each other can have a strong family. Strong commitment to everyone in the family involves spending time and energy in all the family activities and not allow outsiders to take priority over family members. In short, commitment means truly respecting, accepting, trusting one another, and putting your family first in every aspect.

#4 Successfully Managing Stress and Crisis

It is a given that there are ups and downs in every family. Sometimes, there are periods in life that are testing. A strong family must be able to manage all the stress involved with it and be positive in times of crisis in every possible manner.

Troubling times are meant to pull family members apart from each other, which is why it is essential to work hard together and not let outside forces affect the strong family bond. On an upside, all the crisis and stresses are a brilliant way for a family to help each other and further strengthen their bonds by coming out of such times victoriously.

#5 Enjoying Time Together

A strong family will devote particular days in a month for fun time. As adults, we often tend to look back in time and think about our own childhood and all the happy memories. We also look back and think about all the mistakes we made and how things could be different. Use all of them to bring your family closer together.

Build new customs and rituals that are fun for every member of the family, and these don’t have to involve you spending a ton of money. It could be as simple as getting together over the weekend to play board games and so on. Spending more enjoyable time together is a guaranteed way to build a strong family.

#6 Spiritual Wellness

This refers to the faith, hope, and all the optimism that a family shares. It doesn’t necessarily need to be a religion. It is just a sense of greater power or good in life. This is often described as a force that can help every member of the family to reach beyond just themselves and allow them to become a part of something larger.


All the variables mentioned above are what makes a strong family. It is a given that you must spend a lot of time with your family and be understanding with everyone in it for it to be strong.