Let the Music Move You: Types of Meditation Music


It’s not surprising there are nearly as many types of meditation music used for the journey as there are meditation techniques. The point of meditation is to go to that place of stillness and silence within – and sometimes a little music can help you get there. In fact, some techniques of meditation require it. Stephen Rampur writes for Buzzle about the following styles of meditation music:

In addition, meditation music has moved far beyond traditional music as research and technology allow us to discover what makes the brain tick. And how to effect the brain with sound frequencies. Like binaural beats.

Binaural beats use computer generated sound files to entrain both hemispheres of the brain which producers claim can result in everything from emotional stimulation to behavior modification.

Harmonics and holophonic sounds are used alone or mixed with bells, bowls, flute or light instrumentation. The basis of this type of meditation music is based on man’s deepest vibrational body, the cells and DNA themselves, reacting to frequency. Solfeggio, an ancient six-note scale similar to our modern 7-note scale, is reputed to bring about healing in the body. More than that in another article!

Ancient Instrumentation. Crystal and brass healing bowls, chimes, triangles, flutes and drums enable modern musicians to recreate the sounds that brought our ancestors to that deep place of stillness in meditation. Used alone or with more traditional instruments, or even digital music, this type of music can be very enchanting.

Whether you’ll eventually settle on one type of meditation music or keep a cornucopia of mp3 and downloads, at one time or another you should sample each style. Have a smorgasbord. Until you’ve tasted each variety, you won’t know what it may do for you. I know a grandmother who went to watch one of the “youngins” play at what she believed was going to be a nice, simple, “rock and roll” concert – until the band started to beat out thrash and she found herself standing in the middle of a mosh pit. She recalls it with laughter, saying it was one of the most exciting, thrilling moments of her life!