How to Fix a Broken Relationship and Make It Last

How to Fix a Broken Relationship and Make It Last

It’s normal for any relationship to go through ups and downs. It’s a natural process wherein two different people work together to bridge their differences in order to live harmoniously. However, there are times when couples spend more time arguing, which ultimately brings their relationship on the verge of ending. If you aren’t ready to give up on your significant other, then knowing how to fix a broken relationship may help.

Being in a broken relationship can be devastating for couples. Instead of relying on each other as they go through difficulties together, they contemplate alone, they pick fights over the simplest of things, and they argue a lot

In short, the relationship is not what it once was. Feeling unhappy with your partner or unsatisfied with what’s going on in your relationship is also a tell-tale sign that yours needs mending.

How to Fix a Broken Relationship

A broken relationship is not really broken if both of you are willing to give it a chance. You and your partner need to be honest with yourselves if you want this to work. There’s no point of putting an effort when you’re not on the same page.

Here are different suggestions to help fix your broken relationship:

  • Identify the issue/s

 In a relationship, there are conflicts that both of you are aware of so there’s a chance to talk about these things. However, some issues that really matter are usually left unsaid. Be honest about it when you tell your partner.

Never use hurtful words that can degrade him or her. Additionally, keep your mind open and your emotions at bay, whether you disagree or not, allow your partner to talk when it’s his or her time to say something.

  • Communicate

A happy relationship starts with communication. Being able to talk openly to your significant other about anything will make it easier for both of you to work through your problems together. Practice good communication skills such as being attentive to what he or she is saying. Listen attentively and avoid interrupting or over-talking.

Voice out your concerns when something is bothering you. Don’t assume or expect your partner to figure out what bothers you because this can only break your relationship even further. Instead of keeping everything bottled up inside, open up and let your partner help make things right.

A lot of relationships get ruined because they haven’t established honesty early on in their relationship. Resentment from pent-up emotions, past grudges, and even past relationships that haven’t yet been resolved can eventually affect your present relationship.

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If you are guilty of doing this, don’t worry, it’s not too late to change. Being honest cultivates trust in the relationship.

  • Make time for each other

People are so busy nowadays that many relationships disintegrate because they don’t spend time together as much as they used to. Finding the right balance between work, family, friends, and “me” time may sound overwhelming but you know it’s possible.

Learn to prioritize the things and the people that matter to you. Schedule time to have dinner, do an activity you both enjoy, or just hang out together—that means no phone calls about work, no social media, etc. Focus on enjoying each other’s company and nothing else.

  • Stand your ground but know when to admit that you are wrong

If you want others to respect you, you should learn how to stand up for yourself. Don’t allow your partner to control your life and prevent you from pursuing your dreams. This will eventually make you unhappy in the long run. Talk with your partner regarding your situation so you can both work it out.

However, there will be situations where you are the one at fault. Although you don’t want to admit it, it’s best to acknowledge that you’re wrong and apologize. This will show your partner that you respect him or her and in return, you will also be given respect.

Additionally, this will also prevent your partner from being resentful and defensive when it’s their turn to say sorry.

  • Be compassionate

It’s hard to understand someone when you have no idea where they’re coming from. So instead of judging and criticizing your partner right away, take a moment to empathize. Sometimes, by putting yourself in their shoes, you will better understand how your partner feels and reacts to certain situations.

  • Don’t focus on the flaws

When you are in a relationship, especially a long-term one, you’ll get to know the good and the bad side of each other. You’re not perfect, and neither is your significant other, so stop fussing about every little thing you think is wrong about him or her.

Don’t miss out on the good stuff because you focus too much on the bad. If it’s just minor things, see past the flaws and instead, center on the good ones that made you love your partner in the first place.

  • Ask for professional help

Some problems can be handled on your own. However, there are instances where you’ve both tried everything, yet nothing seems to work. In this case, going to a counselor for guidance and direction may help.

These experts can help you process what’s happening from a neutral perspective. They give professional advice based on what they’ve studied and have encountered in the past. With the help of a professional, you will also be enlightened as to whether you’ve already had enough or are willing to work it out.

Final Thoughts

Learning how to fix a broken relationship is not easy. Sometimes freeing yourself of the burden and letting go of the hurtful relationship might be better. Remember, “it takes two to tango”, so if your partner wants out and you don’t, chances are, it’s really over. Putting in all your effort is pointless when you know that it won’t matter anymore.

On the contrary, when you know in your heart that your relationship is worth saving, don’t give up just yet. Give yourselves as many chances as possible. As long as you and your partner are both willing to rebuild your relationship, there’s no reason not to try and mend what’s not completely broken.