Get Your Sit Together: 7 Best Meditation Cushions to Support Your Practice

meditation cushion

Meditation cushions can make all the difference when it comes to a successful, comfortable meditation practice—for beginners and experts alike. Here are the best meditation cushions to support your practice.

As if sitting still for more than 10 minutes isn’t hard enough, try sitting on the floor without any support. It’s probably not going to inspire daily meditation sessions.

Just like you need a proper bed for a good night’s sleep, a high-quality meditation cushion is a must if you want to establish a consistent practice. Luckily, seasoned sitters created cushions, mats, and chairs to make meditating for a long period of time not only manageable, but truly comfortable.

When choosing a meditation cushion, you want to be mindful—no pun intended—of the sturdiness of the cushion. Most meditation cushions are filled with buckwheat, which makes it heavy enough to keep you from shifting in your seat. If your knees and feet are sensitive, look for a meditation cushion that comes with a mat, which provides extra support.

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To help you choose the right seat for you, we created this list of the best meditation cushions available right now for a solid meditation practice: