A Heart-Opening Yoga Sequence with Elena Brower

ace, where you receive and give love.

Today, we’ll practice moving your attention into your chest and heart space, where you receive and give love. By opening your wrists, collarbones, and upper lungs, you’re flushing toxins out of the joints and allowing your body to come into balance. Take your time to grow accustomed to these movements and stay with them, as this practice is a series of strong, safe releases for your emotional body.

BEFORE YOU BEGIN roll a blanket tightly into a little burrito and set it within easy reach of your practice space.

Elena Brower is the author of Art of Attention, a renowned yoga workbook, now translated into five languages. Studying and teaching since 1998, she’s respected globally for her distinct blend of alignment and attention in her teaching of yoga and meditation. Her audio meditation coursework, Cultivating Spiritual Intelligence, is beloved for its accessibility and relevance, and her yoga teaching is influenced by several traditions including Katonah Yoga, Kundalini and ParaYoga. Elena is also the founder of Teach.yoga, a global website for teachers, and her second book, Practice You, will be published in 2018 by Sounds True.